API Reference

This section lists Emscripten’s public API, organised by header file. At a very high level it consists of:

  • emscripten.h:

    APIs for integrating with the browser environment.

  • html5.h:

    Low level glue bindings for interfacing with HTML5 APIs from native code.

  • preamble.js:

    APIs for working with compiled code from JavaScript.

  • File System API (library_fs.js):

    APIs for managing file systems and synchronous file operations.

  • Fetch API:

    API for managing accesses to network XHR and IndexedDB.

  • Module object:

    Global JavaScript object that can be used to control code execution and access exported methods.

  • val.h (under-construction):

    Embind API to support transliteration of JavaScript code to C++.

  • bind.h (under-construction):

    Embind API for binding C++ functions and classes so that they can be called from JavaScript in a natural way.

  • trace.h:

    A tracing API for doing memory usage analysis.

  • vr.h:

    API for using WebVR from native code.

  • Advanced APIs:

    APIs for advanced users/core developers.